Our mission is to support vulnerable women and children who have experienced domestic violence by providing safe housing, education/career training, and wraparound support services. 


A Place to mend


"an hour or two just

isn't enough."

After living through an abusive marriage, and escaping with her children, Still Waters founder Cindra felt called to help women who were going through what she went through. She worked volunteering with abused women, but realized spending an hour with these women just wasn’t enough. They needed a place to go long-term and have the time and resources to heal.


God gave Cindra the dream to buy 4o acres in North West Florida. The dream grew from there until Cindra did buy that property. She began planning and dreaming, and soon Still Waters Ministries was born.  

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The Plan

Still Waters has acquired 40 acres of beautiful, rolling land in Crestview, FL and is ready to take the next steps in securing funds to begin construction in 2021. Our current goal is to raise the $4.5 million necessary to complete construction on twenty homes, hire and train staff, and develop legal, marketing, and other program plans over the next 6-12 months.

The Need

While there are a few other shelters for women and children experiencing domestic violence, most focus on short-term emergency care. Emergency care is very important, but studies have shown a woman will return to her abuser an average of 7 times before she leaves for good. Long-term solution save lives because they reduce the chance a woman will need to return to her abuser for financial reasons or physical shelter. By offering long-term trauma-informed care and providing education, job training, child care, and counseling services, families will have the time they need to heal and the resources to rebuild their lives. 

The Hope

Join us in our goal of bringing hope, education, and encouragement to all abused and traumatized women in our North Florida communities and throughout the US.

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