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Our mission is to support vulnerable women and children who have experienced domestic violence by providing safe housing, education/career training, and wraparound support services. 


"an hour or two just
isn't enough."


Our strategy is to RESCUE people from physical and/or sexual abuse, mental illness, addiction, human trafficking, and poverty; walk alongside them through RECOVERY from life's greatest pains and challenges; fostering their successful RE-ENGAGMENT into society as healthy, disciplined skilled men and women who are ready to live a sustainable productive, purpose-driven life. With the addition of our Still Waters campus, we will now have the opportunity to RE-UNITE these healed women with their children and provide a safe place for them to call home. They will learn to become independent and the mothers God designed then to be, creating an opportunity to change for generations to come.

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Still Waters is...

a fresh

Still Waters is a fresh start for women who made a bold choice to break free from addiction and are now ready to re-engage and become the mom God intends them to be.

a new

Still Waters is a new beginning for women with their children who made a bold choice to escape from domestic violence and abuse and start a new life.

emegency shelter

Still Waters is an emergency shelter for women escaping out of the dangerous situations of trafficking, and physical and sexual abuse to find a place of hope.

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